Martinique — Day Eleven — Sunsets


I would like to be able to write about all the fantastic adventures that we had today, but those would simply be lies. The truth is that we spent the morning lounging about our villa — relaxing, having a delicious and long breakfast — and then went to the beach around noon, where we stayed to watch the sunset.

Table of Contents

  1. Day One — Our Airbnb Host Was Nowhere to Be Found.
  2. Day Two — Like a Bloody Fire Engine!
  3. Day Three — Things You Need to Know About Renting Cars and Dining.
  4. Day Four — I Know Where the Rum’s Gone!
  5. Day Five — The Diamond Rock / Rocher Du Diamant.
  6. Day Six — A Beautiful Sunset.
  7. Day Seven — Beaches and Nudists.
  8. Day Eight — How to Avoid Crowded Beachs on the Weekends.
  9. Day Nine — The Volcano and Jardin de Balatan.
  10. Day Ten — Banana Museum.
  11. Day Eleven — Sunsets.
  12. Day Twelve — the One With Me Being Lazy.
  13. Day Thirteen — Les Trois Ilets, Pointe Du Bout, and the Museums.
  14. Day Fourteen — Anse Michel, Anse Trabuad, and Driving Down a Road Narrower Than Our Car.
  15. Day Fifteen — Astrophotography of the Night Sky with a Fuji X100T.
  16. Day Sixteen — Trying Some More Astrophotography with the Fuji X100T.
  17. Day Seventeen — Restaurant Pignon Nouvelle Vague in Les Trois Ilets.
  18. Day Eighteen & Nineteen — Probably the Best Vacation in My Life.


Before we got to the beach however, we stopped close to the city of Le Marin, to watch the colours of the bay. That building a little to the left from the middle of the shot is the Club Med resort — it’s location is probably one of the best on the island. Le Marin Bay is also quite popular with kite surfers.


Grande Anse des Salines is one of the most beautiful places on the island, and we returned with pleasure. The water was fantastic today, which meant that I spent most of the afternoon in it.


We walked to the south side of the bay to watch the sunset.


The colours started warming up very quickly…


And the sun kept on sinking, lower and lower, warming the sky.


We were lucky enough to have a few clouds to disperse the suns rays in the sky.


The spectacle was quick, the sun needed less than 15 minutes to go down.


Everyone started to leave as the sun disappeared below the horizon. We chose to stay a bit longer…


A few minutes later the whole scene changed dramatically.


We waited another twenty five minutes to see the scene above. Only then did we call it a day.


If you take a good look, you should be able to see the Diamond Rock on the right, with the hills behind the city of Diamante to its right — I wrote about it a few days ago.

Martinique — Day Five — The Diamond Rock / Rocher Du Diamant


Night night!

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