Martinique — Day Six — A Beautiful Sunset


Nothing particularly interesting happened today, apart from my spending some time behind the camera in the evening. I’m happy with the results and glad that I found the motivation to go out after dinner and take the shot.

Table of Contents

  1. Day One — Our Airbnb Host Was Nowhere to Be Found.
  2. Day Two — Like a Bloody Fire Engine!
  3. Day Three — Things You Need to Know About Renting Cars and Dining.
  4. Day Four — I Know Where the Rum’s Gone!
  5. Day Five — The Diamond Rock / Rocher Du Diamant.
  6. Day Six — A Beautiful Sunset.
  7. Day Seven — Beaches and Nudists.
  8. Day Eight — How to Avoid Crowded Beachs on the Weekends.
  9. Day Nine — The Volcano and Jardin de Balatan.
  10. Day Ten — Banana Museum.
  11. Day Eleven — Sunsets.
  12. Day Twelve — the One With Me Being Lazy.
  13. Day Thirteen — Les Trois Ilets, Pointe Du Bout, and the Museums.
  14. Day Fourteen — Anse Michel, Anse Trabuad, and Driving Down a Road Narrower Than Our Car.
  15. Day Fifteen — Astrophotography of the Night Sky with a Fuji X100T.
  16. Day Sixteen — Trying Some More Astrophotography with the Fuji X100T.
  17. Day Seventeen — Restaurant Pignon Nouvelle Vague in Les Trois Ilets.
  18. Day Eighteen & Nineteen — Probably the Best Vacation in My Life.


We spent the day at Anse-a-l’Ane again. The beach there is truly wonderful, but the best part was that we were practically alone for most of the day — the closest people were at least 100 metres away. We really need to start visiting other parts of the island…

We did go to Pointe du Bout just before the sun started setting, and spent a bit over a half hour over there. I compiled a quick time lapse — nothing fancy — just to show you what the sunsets look like on Martinique. This is how it started…


And this is how it ended…


Hope you like it!

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