Parents Are Naming Babies After Instagram Filters →

December 2, 2015 · 10:58

Michael Zhang:

The website reports that “Lux” has jumped 75% as a baby boy name and is slightly up as a girl name as well. It’s not a filter, but Instagram chose “Lux” for the name of its one-tap photo enhancement feature.

For names that are used for Instagram filters, Ludwig is up 42%, Amaro is up 26%, Reyes is up 10%, Hudson is up 4%, and Kelvin is up 3%.

Do Snapchat filters have names?

Last One to Leave Turns Off the Lights →

December 1, 2015 · 20:12

Bohemian Coding:

Today, we’re announcing an important change in how you receive updates to Sketch. After much thought, and with a heavy heart, we’re moving Sketch away from the Mac App Store.

I’m sad to see this happen more and more often. Ultimately, the Mac App Store will be full of the leftover “fart” apps, which have no value whatsoever. This should be a concern for Apple, because of the negative picture this paints for new Mac users who are visiting the Mac App Store for the first time. I hope something changes before it’s too late, if it isn’t already.

Apple Watch — a Stalled Platform →

December 1, 2015 · 15:02

Dan Frommer:

Here’s what’s working: I’ve learned to rely on the watch, without thinking, for a handful of functions. These are as basic as quickly telling time to as futuristic-seeming as watching my Uber approach on a tiny map before it swings around the corner.

Notifications, one of the early big-idea purposes of a smartwatch, are pretty reliable and, with some attention to their frequency, very useful. One night at a restaurant, when a handful of things I’d put up for sale on eBay were closing around the same time, the sensation of an arm buzz every few seconds as a new bid rolled in was an amusing delight. (Another round, garçon!)

I reply to a large portion of text messages from the watch, using customized quick responses. Tracking my exercise has helped me lose 10 pounds.

But that’s about it. And they are pretty much the same ways I used the watch when I first got it.

That’s more or less what I use mine for, with the fitness functions still being most important. And quite frankly, I’m not looking for more distractions.

Workflow for iOS – Publishing Linked Posts to WordPress

December 1, 2015 · 12:21

I bought Workflow for iOS [App Store] on the day it came out. The app was already amazing back then, but lacked a few features which could help me use it on a daily basis. The most recent update added WordPress support however. It took me a little over thirty minutes to put together a rough workflow for publishing linked posts on Infinite Diaries. I’ve been perfecting that workflow ever since and I’m finally ready to share it with the world.

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Why They Call Him ‘Gramps’ →

December 1, 2015 · 09:56

Don Melton:

I explained that I was christened as such when I was only in my mid-thirties at Netscape, “Years ago when I got that name, I was actually young enough for it to be ironic. These days it’s a Human Resources policy violation.”

Great story, including Craig Federighi and Tim Cook. You have to read this.

A Few More Details on the A9X From Andrew Cunningham →

December 1, 2015 · 09:12

Andrew Cunningham:

Imagination’s chart for the Series 7XT GPU puts a hypothetical 12-core design in the same general performance neighborhood as an Nvidia GeForce GT 730M, a low-end discrete GPU that’s a bit slower than the stuff Apple is shipping in its high-end MacBook Pros. Our own graphics benchmarks place it a bit higher than that, but as some of you have pointed out, iOS may have a small advantage in some of these tests because of differences between the mobile OpenGL ES API in iOS and the standard OpenGL API used in OS X.

He also mentions the probable cause for the lack of an L3 cache.

Quite frankly, I’m a bit surprised it’s as fast as it is in benchmarks, because it doesn’t feel that fast — many animations which are as smooth as silk on the iPad Air 2, stutter on the Pro. Apple obviously needs to further optimise iOS for the new screen size and resolution.

‘If journalists reviewed Macs like iPads’ →

November 30, 2015 · 22:00

Fraser Speirs:

There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the MacBook Pro and, in particular, whether it can replace an iPad Pro for getting real work done.

Firstly, consider the hardware. The huge issue with the MacBook Pro is its form factor. The fact that the keyboard and screen are limited to being held in an L-shaped configuration seriously limits its flexibility. It is basically impossible to use a MacBook pro while standing up and downright dangerous to use when walking around. Your computing is limited to times when you are able to find somewhere to sit down.

Not that you would want to use a MacBook Pro while standing anyway. The sheer weight of these devices means that your shoulder is going to take a beating if you switch from iOS to OS X. The current 15″ MacBook Pro tips the scales at 4.49 pounds – or three iPad Pros – despite having a lower-resolution screen and one less hour of battery life.

Only those with very specific workflows could realistically switch from iPad Pro to a MacBook Pro.

Pure gold.

‘It’s Easier on the Web’ →

November 30, 2015 · 14:00

Alex Austin:

In the past four weeks, there were 45,000 new apps submitted to the iOS App Store alone. The chances that any of them will ever break into the top 1000 are effectively 0%, and even if they did, they’re still not seeing any amount of traffic to build a successful business.

MacBook Air in Two New Sizes Rumoured for Q3 2016 →

November 30, 2015 · 11:07

Eric Slivka:

The new MacBook Air is said to take on a slimmer design and arrive in 13-inch and 15-inch sizes, but it is unclear whether an 11-inch model will also be included. The slimmer design will be enabled by “fully redesigned” internal components across the board, and Apple is reportedly currently working with its suppliers to develop these new components.

I full expected the Retina 12″ MacBook to drop in price in the future, replacing the Airs completely, and the MacBook Pros to be redesigned with thinner and lighter cases. If Apple chooses to refresh the Air lineup with a 15″ model in addition to the 13″ one, I would assume they’d both get Retina screens. The differentiation would have to happen predominantly at CPU level. The current 15″ rMBPs are all i7 quads, which leaves room for dual-core i5 and i7 CPUs. I’m assuming that the rumoured 13″ Air would get the ULV1 CPUs, which are placed between the Core M from the 12″ MacBook and i5/i7 dual-core in the current rMBP 13″, in terms of processing power.

While this wouldn’t simplify their MacBook line-up, it would separate the consumer models from the MacBook Pros. Also, perhaps an updated 13″ rMBP would get quad-core i5 and i7 CPUs, further distancing itself from the Air.

  1. Ultra-low Voltage.

More Stories and Adventures About the Fruit Company →

November 30, 2015 · 10:47

Don Melton:

So, I’ll make an attempt to get back to it. You know, the typing. And, yes, tell some more of those stories you all like about the Fruit Company and my other technology adventures.

Don’s in my must read section of my RSS reader, which I check daily — really happy that he’ll get back to writing more. You should follow him.

‘I Turned on iCloud Photo Library and It All Exploded’ →

November 30, 2015 · 10:43

Stephen Hackett:

I imported my photos and uploaded my 70GB photo library to iCloud. Everything went very smoothly, so I turned on iCloud Photo Library on my iPad.

Aaaaaand it all exploded.

This is the first time that I’ve seen anyone having serious issues with Photos and/or iCloud Photo Library. It has worked perfectly for me so far — probably the only Apple internet service that has.

Cyber Monday App Store Deals

November 30, 2015 · 09:13

Cyber Monday is upon part of the world and while I’m sure there is more to come, there already are a few sweet apps to be had for a lower price. I highly recommend Notability — I’ve only been using it for a few short days, but it really is a great app for taking notes — and Kingdom Rush Origins, if you like tower-defence-type games.

ALONE… – iOS – Games – €1.99 > €0.99
Cyclop – iPad – Music – €24.99 > €14.99
Dispatch: Email meets GTD – iOS – Productivity – €6.99 > €2.99
Dodonpachi Resurrection – iPhone – Games – €7.99 > €1.99
Due – Reminders, Countdown Timers – iOS – Productivity – €4.99 > €2.99
Elder Sign: Omens – iPhone – Games – €3.99 > €0.99
Forgotten Forest: Afterlife – iOS – Games – €2.99 > €0.99
Incredible Numbers by Prof. Stewart – iPad – Education – €9.99 > €2.99
Kingdom Rush Origins – iPhone – Games – €2.99 > €0.99
Notability – iOS – Productivity – €5.99 > €3.99
Notability – Mac – Productivity – €5.99 > €3.99
Opener ‒ open links in apps – iOS – Utilities – €1.99 > €0.99
Solar System – iPad – Books – €13.99 > €2.99
Typeeto: remote bluetooth keyboard – Mac – Utilities – €9.99 > €1.99
Warhammer: Arcane Magic – iOS – Games – €3.99 > €1.99

Also, most of the Black Friday deals are still valid, so don’t forget to take a peek… I’ve added some of the good ones below.

★ 2Do – iOS – Productivity – €14.99 > €7.99 →
★ 2Do – Mac – Productivity – €49.99 > €24.99 →
★ Broken Age – Mac – Games – €24.99 > €7.99 →
★ Broken Age – iOS – Games – €9.99 > €2.99 
★ DaisyDisk – Mac – Utilities – €9.99 > €4.99 →
★ Deliveries: a package tracker – iOS – Utilities – €4.99 > €2.99 
★ Deliveries: a package tracker – Mac – Utilities – €4.99 > €2.99 
★ Fantastical 2 – iPad – Productivity – €9.99 > €4.99 
★ Fantastical 2 – iPhone – Productivity – €4.99 > €2.99 →
★ iA Writer – iOS – Productivity – €9.99 > €4.99 
★ Lara Croft GO – iOS – Games – €4.99 > €2.99 
★ Pixelmator – Mac – Graphics & Design – €29.99 > €14.99 
★ Pixelmator – iOS – Photography – €4.99 > €1.99 
★ Scrivener – Mac – Productivity – €44.99 > €24.99 
★ SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition – Mac – Games – €19.99 > €9.99 
★ Threes! – iOS – Games – €2.99 > €0.99 

iPhone 7 Will Reportedly Switch to Lightning Port for Audio →

November 29, 2015 · 17:07

Joe Rossignol:

The report, citing a “reliable source,” claims the new same-sized Lightning connector will support Lightning-equipped and Bluetooth headphones, and have a DAC, or digital-to-audio converter, for backwards compatibility with wired headphones using standard 3.5mm stereo jacks. A 3.5mm to Lightning adapter would be required.

I really don’t care for the iPhone to be any thinner. I just want the 4.7″ model to have the battery life of the 5.5″ model, or better. That’s the only reason I currently use a 6S Plus.

Porsche Opening Classic Centres to Service Older Models →

November 29, 2015 · 17:06

Noah Joseph for Autoblog:

Opening this week in Gelderland – a city on the outskirts of Arnhem in the Netherlands – the first dedicated Porsche Classic Center is designed to support older vehicles from Zuffenhausen’s history. That means undertaking service and maintenance, installing original parts, partially or completely overhauling of vintage vehicles – even selling classic Porsches certified by the factory. The company reports that over 70 percent of the vehicles it has ever produced are still running. That rather impressive statistic speaks to the quality of the vehicles in the first place, but also the dedication of their owners to keep them running, and the necessity for proper service and maintenance.

Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about my dream 964 or 356.

The Power of a Computer →

November 29, 2015 · 10:12

Dr. Drang:

By the way, if you think it’s crazy for me to still be using a five-year-old computer, you’ll be in good company, I’m sure. But I get a lot of work done on this old Air, and apart from its small SSD (128 GB), its limitations barely affect me… And the power of a computer is always more dependent on the carbon-based unit outside the case than on the silicon inside.

So true.

(Emphasis mine.)

Dan Counsell: ‘They Basically Re-Built the Entire Thing for Android, Right Down to Copying the Levels’ →

November 27, 2015 · 11:15

Dan Counsell:

I didn’t release Almost Impossible! on Android because I’m an Apple kinda guy, and this was a “fun” side-project. While Almost Impossible! hasn’t been a block-buster hit, someone assumed it must have been and ripped it off anyway. They basically re-built the entire thing for android, right down to copying the levels. How crazy is that?

I’m quite surprised Dan isn’t doing anything about this — the least that I would do is let Google know about the copyright infringement.