NepTunes — a Simple Scrobbler for OS X


I used to have an app named CoverSutra running on my desktop. Not only did it display iTunes artwork in a visually pleasing way, but it also updated my account with what I was listening to in iTunes. Unfortunately, Sophie Teutschler stopped development, and found a job at Apple. CoverSutra no longer works properly under OS X El Capitan, and while it ‘kinda works’ with iTunes, it doesn’t support Apple Music at all.

NepTunes app

Polish developer Adam Różyński has the answer to my problems. His NepTunes is a simple app1 which lives in the OS X menu bar. All it does is report back to our account2, correctly scrobbling the music we are listening to. Although it is not as nice graphically3 as CoverSutra, it gets the job done. The preferences panel also allows the app to integrate with iTunes. This allows to ‘star’ songs with ‘hearts’ on both Apple Music and with one keyboard shortcut (which can be customised).

Simple, but it gets the job done. That’s usually enough for me.

NepTunes – OS X – Social Networking – €3.99

  1. Technically I believe this is called a ‘menulet’.
  2. Obviously one is needed for this to function.
  3. I do however fancy the trident icon in the menu bar.

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