NepTunes 1.2 With Album Artwork on Desktop


I wrote about NepTunes two days ago — a simple Mac app which scrobbles Well, it was updated to version 1.2 and adds something that I was missing.


What’s New

  • desktop album artwork with player controls on mouseover
  • option to scrobble podcasts and iTunes U
  • offline scrobbling

NepTunes-album-artwork-playerThe player controls are more than good enough, staying hidden until needed. When the mouse cursor is hovered over the artwork, it changes, displaying next and previous track buttons, a play/pause button, as well as the option to change the volume (the slider popup doesn’t look very good in my opinion) and ‘heart’ a track.

I wrote ‘simple, but it gets the job done’ in my previous post, but didn’t mention how much it costs. I am now also fine with its price.

★ NepTunes – OS X – Social Networking – €3.99 →

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