Ulysses 2.5 for iOS Adds iPhone Support


Ulysses 2.5 for iOS is out. My go-to writing software is now a universal app, supporting both the iPhone and iPad, and it naturally syncs with the Mac version, should you work cross-platform. At this point in time, I favour it over both iA Writer [iOS / Mac] and Byword [iOS / Mac]. The main features that got me to start using it are:

  • easy to divide documents into separate sheets and combine them if necessary;
  • lots of customisation options, including fonts (I currently use Menlo Regular) and themes (my favourites are Solarised, Yosemite, and Cursor Console);
  • a good selection of customisable export options, including Markdown, DOCX, and various others such as PDF, etc.

Ulysses – iOS – €19.99
Ulysses – Mac – €44.99

Unfortunately, it’s pretty expensive compared to the other apps, but in my opinion it is worth the money — I use it every single day.

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