My new Macintosh


I bought my new Macintosh on Friday, 2 May 2014. My first one was a 17″ MacBook Pro from 2008, which I upgraded later to a late 2009 iMac 27″ and which recently got supplemented by a mid 2013 MacBook Air 11″. I’ve been looking for a pristine Macintosh 128K for the past five years or so and the barrier of entry was always either the price or it’s condition. Fed up, I finally pulled the trigger on a Macintosh Classic from 1991.


Macintosh Classic

This particular model has a documented history, which I’ll be sure to write about in the future. It was used in the Polish newspaper industry for many years, before going into private hands.


Macintosh Classic

The M421LL/A has a 9″ monochromatic monitor with a resolution of 512×432 px. It lacks the optional 40 MB SCSI HDD but has a 3.5″ floppy drive and 4 MB of RAM, expanded from the default 1 MB. Everything is powered by a Motorola 68000 CPU running at 8 MHz (megahertz!). Yes, it has a single core. The cheaper version cost $999 when new, the more expensive option set people back $1499.


Macintosh Classic

I’ll try to get some better photos up later.

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