I’m Considering Switching My iPhone 6S Plus
to a 6S With the New Smart Battery Case


Apple quietly introduced a new accessory today — a Mophie-style battery case for the iPhone 6s — which they called the ‘iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case‘. From what I can see on my Twitter feed, it’s already under fire for being ‘ugly’. I like it.

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case 04

The battery case is available in two different colours — white and charcoal grey. Apple is scarce on specifications, so until iFixit takes it apart, we won’t know the exact battery capacity of the unit.

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case 02I think it’s better than a Mophie or similar cases, and I’m guessing Apple thought those weren’t good enough either — I doubt they would have rolled our their own one otherwise. I’ve owned and used more than one Mophie in my life and they’re a curse to use. First of all, the cases I used were hard and unpleasant to the touch — much too plasticky for my taste. Secondly, they all required a microUSB cable — Apple’s doesn’t; it makes do with a Lightning pass-through port.

I own and use an iPhone 6S Plus for only one reason: the superior battery life. I would make do with a 6S with that case easily, especially since I won’t have to use it on most days. The silicone top additional appears to make it extremely easy to take off and put on.

I’m actually considering ditching my 6S Plus for a 6S and Smart Battery Case now… Anyone interested in my mint silver 64 GB 6S Plus?

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