Yohann — the Different Stand for the iPad


Yohann is a new Kickstarter project that debuted a few days ago. I caught it in my Twitter stream by chance and managed to snag an early bird special. I simply love good design and despite my friends calling me crazy for spending $129 on a piece of wood, I couldn’t resist.

Simply beautiful.

Simply beautiful.

The Yohann Stand, made by sillber AG of Switzerland, is a unique piece of wood though. It has three positions in which it’s in perfect balance with an iPad, in portrait or landscape. Yes, I realise that there are many other stands which accomplish basically the same thing, with even better angle adjustments and control, but I have not yet found one that will look as good as this one on my kitchen table. It will be available in white or black (lacquered) or four different kinds of wood (cherry, walnut, maple, oak), so everyone should be able to match it to their interior choice. I went with the darker shade of walnut, which should be a near perfect match for my furniture. My only complaint with the whole idea is that sillber is making a separate version for the iPad 2 through 4, iPad Air and iPad mini / mini with Retina Display. This will most probably mean that it won’t work with future, 2015 models — I’m basing this solely on the assumption that the 2014 line of iPads will retain the current design and “only” include internal updates in the form of Touch ID and a new SoC (Apple A8 most probably). However, this is a price I am willing to pay.

Available versions — lacquered or made from wood.

Available versions — lacquered or wooden.

I’ll be sure to review it once I get it in my hands … or rather, I’ll be relying on my wife’s thoughts and comments, since it’s meant as a gift for her.

The Yohann stand still has 24 days to go and it’s already close to hitting it’s target of $40,000 has now been funded, a mere few hours laterYou can get yours here.

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