Fuji X100T Named Best Compact Travel Camera of 2015 →


Allison Johnson:

Few cameras in recent history have attracted as much of a cult following as Fujifilm’s X100 series. They’re the photographer’s darling – not just a good-looking camera, but a beautifully effective machine. The X100T is small and light, and won’t burden a weary traveler, and its low-profile lends itself to street shooting. If you don’t mind zooming with your feet, its 35mm F2 equivalent lens and 16MP X-Trans APS-C sensor will serve you well.

Since getting my Fuji X100T, I sold my Nikon D700. While I absolutely love the former, especially for travel, I am still looking to get something similar with a full frame sensor. Only Sony caters to my needs at the moment, but I’ll hold out for a little bit longer.

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