Sony Overtakes Canon and Nikon to Lead the Full-Frame Camera Market in Japan →


Brittany Hillen, on DPReview:

Sony has overtaken Canon and Nikon to claim the top slot for full-frame camera market share in Japan, according to BCN Ranking. Sony showed growth in the overall full-frame, APS-C and fixed-lens digital camera categories from November 2018 to October 2019, as well.

Ultimately, Sony saw its total full-frame camera market share in Japan increase from 31.6% to 38%, while Canon was bumped down to second place at 36% market share compared to last year’s 37.8%. Nikon came in at 24% of the full-frame market, a decrease from last year’s 29.1%.

Quite frankly, I’m not surprised. Both Nikon and Canon have been resting on their laurels for a decade or so now, not innovating at all. Fuji and Sony are the only two “mainstream” brands that are actually trying something different and unique.

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