Did Tim Cook, Phil Schiller or Someone at Apple Accelerate My Order?


I just picked up my iPad Pro Smart Keyboard from TNT and since I need to write something to test it out, I chose to speculate a little. You see, while the Smart Keyboard was available in the EU, the Polish Apple Online Store said it would be ‘coming soon’. I already had my iPad Pro at the time, miraculously managed to snag an Apple Pencil, but couldn’t get my hands on the most important accessory, especially since I was wondering if the Pro would replace most or all of my MacBook needs. I wrote a post directed at Tim Cook and Phil Schiller at the time, keeping my fingers crossed…

Dear Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, and Apple — Please Start Selling the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard in Poland


Around ten hours later I had placed an order — I was amazed that it was available soon after what I had written. Publicly I assumed it was pure chance, but secretly thought that perhaps, by a stroke of luck, someone at Apple read what I wrote, made a phone call, and asked someone to push a button. My Smart Keyboard was to arrive sometime in mid-January — a long time to wait, but the fact that I was able to order one at all was fantastic, so I decided to be patient.

A few days later a friend informed me that there were plenty of Smart Keyboards in the Berlin Apple Store, which is a few hundred kilometres away. This suprised me, so I decided to try my luck one more time, and tweeted at Tim Cook and Phil Schiller.

Today, a mere four days later, I am typing these words on the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard — it arrived about three weeks early. How cool is that? I generally don’t believe in coincidences, and I won’t this time either. I imagine someone took notice and helped us Poles out — my friend also received his today. Whatever happened, whoever helped, even if it was just pure dumb luck…

… I’d like to thank you for making my day and getting the keyboard to me before the holidays!

Merry Christmas guys, and a Happy New Year!

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