Apple Launches Battery Replacement Program for Late 2016 Non Touch Bar 13″ MacBook Pros


Apple launched a new battery replacement program for the late 2016 13″ MacBook Pros (the ones without the Touch Bar), because it could expand due to the “failure of a component”.

The program applies to MacBook Pros manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017 and you can check if you eligible on Apple’s support site here.

Since the battery is glued to the underside of the keyboard, which is in turn close enough to being nearly irreplaceable by itself, I assume this means that they will swap out the whole top case in these models. A MacBook Pro 13″ top case consists of the aluminium around the keyboard, the keyboard itself, the speakers, and the battery.

I had my top case replaced yesterday, because my keyboard was making “popping sounds” when used in direct sunlight (I assume it expanded from the additional heat), which included a new battery, but my MacBook Pro is still eligible. I wonder if I have the proper battery or will I need to go in again to get this fixed.

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