My First macOS Crash on My Macbook Pro Escape (Late 2016)


I don’t believe I mentioned this for a while, but I still absolutely adore my late 2016 13″ MacBook Pro Escape1 despite people having problems with the keyboards. The screen is especially gorgeous.

My only gripe is in regard to the keyboard when using it in the sun — some of the keys start to sound different when pressed. They’re not “sticky” per se but they feel sticky. Anyway… I have had zero issues with this machine so far, so I guess I had it coming…

I always put it to sleep and only restart when I have to or when I’m travelling. Unfortunately, I had an unplanned restart today — I opened the lid to the screen above. The last message in Console before the reboot was:

Apr 11 13:17:07 Millennium-Falcon systemstats[61]: assertion failed: 17E199: systemstats + 689866 [D1E75C38-62CE-3D77-9ED3-5F6D38EF0676]: 0x5

A quick search shows that the majority of users problems with systemstats was in OS X Mavericks, with nothing more recent and relevant that I could find.

Back to work…

  1. This is the one without the Touch Bar. I had two of those. I did not like them one bit — the Touch Bar and battery life were the sole reasons for my negative attitude towards them.

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