A Panorama of Warsaw — My Desktop Background


My desktop Mac has four desktops — Safari and Twitter are on the first, Slack and Mail on the second, Final Cut Pro X, Lightroom and Photoshop on the third, while the fourth is dedicated to iTunes. I used to have four different desktop background images, depending on my fancy, but I now use a panorama of Warsaw, which I shot a few weeks ago — it spans all four.

I admit I cheated a bit. The panorama is fairly large, composed of eight or nine shots, but it’s ‘only’ 12841 pixels wide, which is not enough to span four 4K Spaces. I’m short around 2500 pixels so I cheat a bit and enlarged it from the RAW files, which I then sliced into four separate JPGs.


Anyway, I have made the above panorama of Warsaw available on Unsplash, free of charge at full resolution.

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