iPhone 7 Plus Camera Samples — 28 mm & 56 mm

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I finally prepared a few shots from the iPhone 7’s cameras from the past few days. These shots are all converted to sRGB, since barely anyone will be able to properly view Display-P31, downsized, compressed, with minor corrections in Photos for iOS (contrast, saturation, etc.). The purpose of these shots isn’t to pixel-peep, but to get a grasp of what the iPhone can do, it’s Depth Effect mode2, and to compare the 28 mm and 56 mm focal lengths. My short comments will be below each photo. The photos themselves are clickable and once enlarged, a double click will zoom them in.


Portrait Mode shot in a dimly lit room. This mode always uses the 56 mm lens.


56 mm.


28 mm lens, ‘macro’ mode, in poor light.


56 mm, Portrait Mode.


28 mm shot into the sun streaming through the window.


Pitch black night. ISO 1250 with the 56 mm lens, hand-held.



Comparison of the 28 mm and 56 mm focal lengths.


56 mm. Portrait Mode. Shot into the light.


56 mm again, shot in Portrait Mode. The funny thing is that I was trying to get the bee, but the iPhone’s camera UI said that I’m too far away to get a proper ‘Depth Effect’, hence I’m not sure if the fake bokeh was properly applied here.


Portrait Mode with the 56 mm lens once again.



28 vs. 56 mm.



And another 28 mm vs. 56 mm comparison.


Portrait Mode (56 mm).


Portrait Mode (56 mm).


28 mm at sunset, hand-held.

Quite frankly I don’t care if this is the best or the worst smartphone camera on the market — it has two lenses, which allow me to capture shots which I haven’t been able to before. I’m starting to wonder if it won’t replace my Fuji X100T as my baby camera… I don’t think it will, but in theory it could — a tempting thought… everything in iCloud Photo Library and no more Lightroom hassle.


  1. Apple’s version of the DCI-P3 colour space.
  2. Also called Portrait Mode.

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