Hala Koszyki in Warsaw


Hala Koszyki is the only food hall in Poland (that I know of). Its revitalisation process recently came to an end — there used to be a local market inside the original building — and it is now home to eighteen restaurants, many shops, and a few art galleries. You can find more information about Koszyki here.

Since I finally upgraded my camera and it’s cold outside, this was my first shoot with it.

This logo was actually shot with my camera and then traced in Adobe Illustrator.

Bar Koszyki is where you go to fulfil your alcohol needs.

The art galleries can be found on the first floor, up the stairs behind Bar Koszyki.

If you’re not sure what kind of cuisine you’re looking for, Koszyki has you covered — the eighteen restaurants serve everything from Mexican to Japanese.

The prices are quite steep, even for Warsaw, but it’s still worth visiting.

Many of the bricks used in the reconstruction of Koszyki are over a hundred years old.

Hala Koszyki

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