Zuckerberg Plans to Integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger →


Mike Isaac, writing for The New York Times:

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, plans to integrate the social network’s messaging services — WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger — asserting his control over the company’s sprawling divisions at a time when its business has been battered by scandal.

The services will continue to operate as stand-alone apps, but their underlying technical infrastructure will be unified, said four people involved in the effort. That will bring together three of the world’s largest messaging networks, which between them have more than 2.6 billion users, allowing people to communicate across the platforms for the first time.

Mark Zuckerberg is the worst thing that could have ever happened to Instagram. I deleted Instagram’s app from my iPhone a few weeks ago because I was not comfortable using any Facebook product anymore. They have shown time and time again that they don’t care about privacy or even have the basic decency to apologize to their users. Time to finally say goodbye.

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  1. @moridin It was inevitable, I guess. Sad, I really like the photography community aspect on Instagram, time to move on.

  2. @moridin read: Zuckerberg plans to kill WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger; youth already looking for next app.

  3. @moridin @matpacker Apps are best when they adhere to the simplicity and purity of their initial function. Instagram was such a great place for interesting photos and that has been completely diluted.

  4. @moridin I thought Flickr at first was great for sharing, community and they ruined it pursuing “growth”. IG sold out and the FB mentality consumed it. I fear there will never be a good photo platform that survives for long.

  5. @martinfeld @moridin also, the discovery aspect on Instragram is/was great too. So many photographers/photographs that I probably would never have seen any other way. Sadly, many of the photographers I closely follow on Instagram don’t publish their images anywhere else…which is super shit, and the reason I haven’t deleted my account there.

  6. @matpacker @moridin Yes you’re sort of stuck having to follow them there! The thing that has always befuddled me is how inaccurate the ad targeting has been for my own feed. I often hear how people see lots of relevant products and services, yet I would always receive fashion and Samsung ads when I have zero interest in either of them.

  7. @martinfeld I just had a quick look at the ads in my Instagram feed, it’s surprisingly relevant to my likes…and not a single Samsung ad in sight

  8. @matpacker Ha! Lucky you! Maybe I tapped one accidentally ages ago… who knows?!

  9. @moridin The only one of these that I am dreading is Instagram, I actually like looking at Instagram and especially Instagram stories. I know rationally that Instagram is already a part of Facebook, but I have chose to ignore that fact, now I can’t