Tweetbot 4.3 for iOS Adds Topics & Collections


Tapbots released Tweetbot 4.3 for iOS with a few new great features, making me want to pay them for their app all over again.


The big feature is Topics — a function which allows a person to compose a series of connected tweets. Each tweet is an answer to the previous one, which allows others to easily follow them, even if there were long stretches of time between them. This can be of course done manually, but setting up a Topic greatly simplifies the whole process. Each Topic can also have an assigned hashtag, which makes live tweeting extremely easy. To access Topics, all you have to do is click the gear icon while composing a new tweet. Topics are saved in iCloud and sync with your other devices. This feature will also soon come to Tweetbot 2 for Mac.

Topics can be also saved as Collections, which are then accessible from a user’s profile page in Tweetbot. The above example (in Polish — my apologies) was created during a Balloon Festival which I attended.

I’ve used Topics for close to everything, saved them as Collections for easy access in the future, and I’m discovering new uses for them on a daily basis.

‘Other Cool Stuff’

Tweetbot 4.3 also adds a bunch of smaller features, as well as some welcome bug fixes:

  • the second column can now be hidden — this is a blessing on my iPad Pro 12,9″, because I can now scroll my timeline with my right hand in portrait orientation
  • the timeline is now navigable via an external hardware keyboard — this feature lacks a bit of polish, but works as intended (you can display all keyboard shortcuts by holding down the Command key)
  • the larger timeline images (changeable in the app’s preferences) on the iPad are now smaller
  • it is now possible to paste an image from the clipboard into the compose window — this has made my life much easier

Tapbots also lists the following changes:

  • Support for Arabic language, including Right to Left UI
  • Muting a user you don’t follow will now also prevent Tweets from that user from showing up in your Mentions, Lists and Searches
  • Support for Twitter Collections
  • Quoting a Tweet looks much nicer when composing a Tweet
  • Support for Firefox browser
  • Improved support for uploading video to Twitter
  • Fixed an issue where timeline would get stuck

If you haven’t yet tried Tweetbot, give it a shot. It’s completely worth it — this is the single app that will keep me from switching to Android or any other operating system. Unless hell freezes over and the Tapbot team actually starts developing for Android. Until then, just pay the $10 / €10 — the timeline sync feature between computers is worth it alone.

App Store

★ Tweetbot 4 – iOS – Social Networking – €9.99 →
★ Tweetbot 2 – Mac – Social Networking – €9.99 →

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