Touching Pixar-Style Ad from the Spanish National Lottery


I hate ads. I don’t even have cable at home—we disconnected two or three years ago and have never looked back. We now rely on our Playstation 4 for Blu-ray movies and Apple TV for rentals. Since I don’t have access to regular TV channels, I don’t watch many advertisements, but I did dedicate four minutes yesterday to watch what is most probably the most touching ad ever created.

The ad features Justino—a security guard who spends his nights in a mannequin factory, alone. Not having much to do, he uses the discarded mannequins for various scenarios, which surprise his colleagues in the morning, as they come into work.

The whole project was obviously inspired by Pixar’s Up, and I don’t hold it against them—there is just enough similarity to make us feel at home, while at the same time allowing it to stand proudly alone. The creators of this short film also chose to use Ludovico Einaudi’s music—Nuvole bianche [iTunes Store] from Una Mattina [iTunes Store]. Not only is he my favourite composer, Nuvole bianche is the piece which accompanied me during the happiest and most stressful moment of my life. This has undoubtedly greatly strengthened the ad’s impact on my feelings.

If there’s one thing you should watch today, it’s this. Just make sure to have your sound turned up to suitably loud levels.

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