The Mac App Store Welcomes Office 365 →


Apple Newsroom:

Today, Office 365 is available for the first time on the Mac App Store, making it easier than ever for Mac users to download Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and the whole suite of Microsoft’s popular apps. Users can also purchase a subscription for Office 365 from within the apps, so they can get up and running instantly.

Office 365 for Mac has been designed specifically to support features that are unique to the Mac experience — features like Dark Mode and Continuity Camera in macOS, as well as the MacBook Pro Touch Bar and the Mac’s industry-leading Trackpad.

I can’t help but wonder what Apple’s cut on Office is. 70/30? 85/15? It surely can’t be 100/0‽

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  1. @moridin it’s probably 100/0 for MS/Apple for Office365. the subscription model for 365 runs outside of the App Store, through your live accounts. There are plenty of apps and services like that who now don’t pay the Apple tax…

  2. @nitinkhanna I think there’s an IAP option for singing up for subscription. For these, the break-up of these has to be better than 85-15 for MS. @moridin

  3. @amit I dunno… MS seems hell bent on making their services survive in different platforms on their own merit… So maybe 85-15 is fine for them for now? Are you thinking they’ve got a side deal with Apple?

  4. @nitinkhanna I think they have to have got some favourable deal with Apple for them to come back to the Mac store. I think apple too wants big players in its store if it doesn’t want the store to die for the lack of interest.

  5. @amit good point… I hope someone from within the company talks!