The Gay Mayor Shaking Up Politics in Catholic Poland →


Adam Easton, for the BBC, quoting Renata Kim, a journalist for the Polish edition of Newsweek:

“I think it’s too early for an openly gay politician to become an important figure in politics,” she argues. 

“We are a very conservative society. People are not ready to accept such a person as their president or prime minister,” she adds.

I try to avoid following politics because most politicians in Poland are in it for the money and their own interests. Robert Biedroń is the only politician that I know of, who seems to be a genuinely good person. I don’t care if he’s an atheist, satanist, gay, uses an Android device, or doesn’t like Star Wars — he appears to be actually trying to bring good to the people that elected him. And that’s enough for me — he’ll get my vote.

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