Poland — Basically A Dictatorship →


Rick Lyman, writing for the New York Times:

An enraged Jaroslaw Kaczynski — the former president’s twin brother and, as leader of Law and Justice, the most powerful political figure in Poland — seized the lectern and fired back: “Do not wipe your traitorous mugs with the name of my late brother. You are scoundrels.”

Law and Justice has long maintained that the 2010 crash was an assassination, perhaps involving Russia and members of the political opposition.

“You murdered him,” Mr. Kaczynski shouted.

Ewa Kopacz, the prime minister under the previous center-right government, declared herself flabbergasted. “This man is crazy with hate,” she said of Mr. Kaczynski. “He cannot control his emotions.”

When Trump won, I thought USA was worse off than Poland.

I was wrong.

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  1. That’s what happens when a mentally unstable person is leading the country :(
    Thankfully looks like Poland is waking up, hopefully USA will wake up as well.

  2. Pożyjemy zobaczymy :) I tak Jarek długo wytrzymał, taka akcja totalnych – pluć i pluć aż stracą ludzie cierpliwość, może nie potrzebne słowa ale czy nie było tak? BYŁO. AAA i mieć potem pretekst, aby NYT coś skrobną jeszcze pewnie słowami Żony Radzia. Narka!