Show Recent Apps in MacOS Mojave Dock


I have been running MacOS Mojave1 for a day now and have had no issues so far. Some privacy settings were reset and Photos has crashed twice but otherwise it’s working like a charm. I did get one surprise right after upgrading though…

As far as I can tell, displaying recently used apps on the right/bottom side of the Dock2 is a new feature. This is illustrated by Contacts in the screenshot above. Notice the new divider, putting Recent Apps between the Dock’s more permanent members and Stacks (on the right). I haven’t seen this on MacOS before but I do recall I had to switch it off on my iPad Pro3. Some might find this useful; I don’t.

You can switch it on/off in System Preferences → Dock, right at the bottom of the list.

  1. I’m switching to spelling MacOS with a capital letter. macOS just looks wrong.
  2. Depending on where you set your Dock to be. I use mine on the right side of the screen, as one should.
  3. The iPad got this feature with all the other iOS 11 goodies.

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