My Harry’s Shaving Set Arrived Yesterday


I’ve been a Talk Show listener for a long time now. In case you don’t know, The Talk Show is a podcast hosted by John Gruber, where he and his guests talk about outhouses, cat pictures, sports and sometimes about Apple. One of John’s advertisers was Harry’s — a company which is disrupting the shaving market by offering better quality products at lower prices. Oh — and they also look good, especially in contrast to that crap sold by Gillette. Anyway, I don’t think I was particularly interested in Harry’s until I read Lex Friedman’s piece on shaving in The Magazine. That first pushed me to explore what Harry’s had to offer… A few months later I was finally a happy owner of a Muehle razor, badger hair brush and proper shaving soap. I decided to go all out for one simple reason — Harry’s wasn’t sold in Europe anywhere. However, I still needed a more modern razor for travelling and so forth…


A few weeks ago I got an email from one of my readers — he was going to be flying from Chicago to Warsaw soon and asked me if I could point him to where I got my Muehle set. A few emails later we had everything set up — he’d get me a Harry’s Truman Set with spare blades and I’d get him a razor and badger hair brush with some spare razor blades. I finally got my Harry’s set yesterday and still can’t believe how great it looks.

I went for the Truman Set which consists of a Truman handle, 3 blades, shaving cream and a plastic–thingy–box to keep your handle and blade secure when travelling. The packaging looks surprisingly good. And all of this cost $15.


I love the minimalist look of the products, I love that they use Brandon Grotesque as their font and how classy everything looks.


I’m not used to getting quality products for so little money. Every detail has been cared for and there’s even a small booklet with tips inside. Even that looks great!


I went for the orange handle — I strongly believe we need more colour in our lives. There was a greenish–cyan one available earlier which held my fancy, but was replaced recently. Not that I mind — love it’s presence.


I also snagged thirty two additional blades for $50 — I’m not expecting any more packages from USA in the near future so I decided to stock up. Note the fantastic packing and attention to detail above. There’s also a discount for The Talk Show listeners if all of this still seems too expensive.


I’m planning to use my Harry’s razor for travel and places where I don’t want to lug my more traditional shaving set around. Still haven’t had the time to try it out and I can’t wait to do so…

My thanks to Harry’s for going after Gillette and making wonderful products for people who care. And I have to thank Gruber and Friedman — I doubt I would have bought either razor without them.

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