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Joanna Stern:

Even better, Apple fixes many of the issues I’ve had with cases over the years. It uses the same Lightning cable as the iPhone to charge, and it tells you how much power is remaining right on the phone’s screen. Besides, the case doesn’t feel like the stuff plastic forks are made of.

The Lightning cable is what made me want one, but the fact that it shows the amount of power left right on the iPhone’s screen is a great addition.

Still, I’ll take it over all the ugly messes sold by Mophie, Anker and others, especially since it provides better protection for the phone. A lip curves just above the screen to prevent the glass from hitting a hard surface and an interior lining provides better shock absorption than hard plastic. Plus, the grippy material is much easier to hold and doesn’t feel like it will slip from my hands.

I have a Mophie case and I can’t stand the plastic.

Here’s the best part about the design: There are no blinking LED lights on the case to tell you how much power is remaining. As soon as you attach it, the percentage of power remaining in the phone and the case is displayed on the iPhone’s lock screen. You can also see both battery levels by swiping down in the notification center.

Apple even integrated a passive antenna into the case so cellular reception doesn’t suffer.

Apple’s attention to detail is still alive and kicking.

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  1. This is pretty ridiculous on thier part however. The iPhones have had a weak battery for a long time now. Only the “Pluses” of last two generations are adequate on that count. I am sure that many people would welcome slightly thicker phones that can get them through the day without needing to recharge or use any cases. Why not just make a better phone? I sadly had to give up on using iPhone and frustrating battery life was one of the main reasons.

  2. I consider it to be quite good considering. The 6S gets better battery life than my Nexus 6, which is twice as big in terms of its battery.

  3. Well I always loved my iPhones – used the 4 and 5. But they never lasted the whole day. Is the 6S better than these? Right now, I’m using OPO and am really happy. I listen to music, browse the web, watch videos, and I still have over 10% when going to sleep. No more battery life anxiety :)

  4. You mean 4 and 5 were sufficient or the 6s was an improvement over those?

  5. the 6S was a slight improvement. 10-15% better I’d say.

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