Facebook M — Assisted Intelligence With a Small Dose of Human →


Arik Sosman:

Facebook has recently launched a limited beta of its ground-breaking AI called M. M’s capabilities far exceed those of any competing AI. Where some AIs would be hard-pressed to tell you the weather conditions for more than one location (god forbid you go on a trip), M will tell you the weather forecast for every point on your route at the time you’re expected to get there, and also provide you with convenient gas station suggestions, account for traffic in its estimations, and provide you with options for food and entertainment at your destination.

As many people have pointed out, there have been press releases stating that M is human-aided. However, the point of this article is not to figure out whether or not there are humans behind it, but to indisputably prove it.

The call at the end is curious — why the horrendously bad quality? I am not experienced with US telephone services, thus I cannot judge, but I haven’t heard anything as bad in Europe in a long time.

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