Facebook Tested Users’ Patience by Introducing Intentional Crashes in App →


Jon Fingas:

Facebook may have even gone so far as to test Android users’ dependence on its app. Reportedly, it knowingly introduced crashing glitches to see whether or not people would abandon Facebook if they couldn’t use its native app on Google’s platform. It doesn’t have anything to worry about, according to the findings — users would rather stick to the mobile website than lose contact with their online friends.

I’d survive the crashes, but Facebook lost me the day they decided to mess with my timeline:

  1. If I set it to display my timeline in a chronological order, I want that setting remembered — it wasn’t.
  2. Even if I specifically stated that I want to see ‘everything’ a certain person posts, Facebook’s algorithm would choose to omit certain information — this drew the line for me and I stopped using it almost entirely.

Bottom line: don’t mess with a man’s carefully curated timeline. This applies to Twitter too.

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