Colourful iPhones


Benjamin Mayo detailed Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest report about this year’s iPhones being available in various new colours, akin to what they did with the iPhone 5C with bright greens, yellows, blues, etc. The flagship iPhones have only come in white/silver, black/grey, gold, and rose gold. Oh, and (RED) of course…

I love the look of the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 8 and 8 Plus even more than its predecessor and since red is actually one of my favourite colours, I’m all set… except for that fact they didn’t go down this route for the iPhone X. And according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the new colours are supposed to be available only for the new “cheap” 6.1” model.

I miss the days of the colourful iPods and I really hope that Apple remembers its days of whimsy and returns to that concept, introducing it into the X-series (or whatever the flagship will be called) too. I’d happily get a red or green iPhone X as my next one. And please Apple — don’t introduce colours halfway into the phone’s cycle, since I really don’t want to get new iPhones every 6 months or so.

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