Another Example of the 2016 MacBook Pro’s Absurdly Terrible Battery Life


As you can imagine, I don’t compose my ‘App Store Deals’ posts manually — they’re automated with the help of Keyboard Maestro. Not very complicated too. Basically what I do is I select some text, run the script, select the price change, run the script, find the App Store link, and run the script again. I get a full set of formatted results in a BBEdit file. My script is basically using Safari, the clipboard, and BBEdit. It just copies text, pastes it elsewhere, and searches the App Store for an URL.

I have used the script for several years. It would barely impact the battery life of my MacBook Air 11″ (2013) and Pro 13″ (2014) — I’d lose perhaps 1-2% in 30 minutes. The same script on my 2016 MacBook Pro (13″, base Core i5, with Touch Bar) needed exactly 10%. The whole thing took me 35 minutes to complete (I spent some 5 minutes changing a few details in the script itself — it was in need of a few tweaks).

Looks like I won’t break the 5 hour barrier today. If my replacement’s behaviour doesn’t improve, it’s going back. Sorry Apple, but 5-6 hours of actual battery life is not enough.

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