Add New Emoji From High Sierra to macOS 10.12 Sierra


I am still holding off and not updating to High Sierra due to all the bugs. This is the first time that I have taken so long to do so, but seeing all the issues that my friends are having, I’ll wait until 10.13.3 or 10.13.4 drops. In the meantime, I got frustrated by not seeing all the new emoji that people are using…


  • Apple Color Emoji.ttc (135 MB) from macOS 10.13 High Sierra, located in /System/Library/Fonts/ — I got a friend to send me his file.


  1. Open Finder and navigate to /System/Library/Fonts/.
  2. Copy Apple Color Emoji.ttc to wherever you want, to keep it as a backup.
  3. Copy the new High Sierra version of Apple Color Emoji.ttc to /System/Library/Fonts/, replacing the old one — you will probably need an admin password to complete the operation.
  4. If the new emoji don’t start working immediately, restart your Mac.

Have fun! 🐉

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