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Matt Gemmell:

Markdown is also concise, and isn’t well served by a lengthy guide. Accordingly, I’ve written a mini-ebook to help you get started. It’s ultra-focused, digital only, and can be read cover-to-cover in about twenty minutes. A quick, approachable, readily digestible briefing, so you can go from zero to informed within a lunch break or a brief commute.

It’s called Writing in Markdown, it’s about 5,000 words long, and it’s available now.

I also prefer to write in Markdown. The biggest bonus that I see is that you end up with a bunch of plain text files which you should be able to access for many years to come — being able to open your files ten, twenty, or thirty years from now should be a high priority for everyone.

If you don’t know what Markdown is, get Matt’s book and also read this in your spare time

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