WP Super Cache Preload Not Working? Here’s a Simple Fix…


WP Super Cache is a decent cache’ing solution for WordPress, but I couldn’t get the preload function to work on a VPS — it wouldn’t even start. What the preload function does is it pre-caches all the posts, tags, and so on, to make everything faster (in short).

The first thing to do is to turn off wp-cron. You’ll need to edit the wp-config.php file on your server and add or change the following:

From your linux terminal, you’ll need to open crontab:

Then you’ll need to add the following to the bottom of the file:

Please change the URL to wherever your wp-cron.php file is. The */10 means that it will be run once every 10 minutes.

Thanks @toszcze!

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  1. WP Super Cache? Now I use W3 Total Cache. In my opinion it is better.

    • Have you conducted any comparison tests? I’ve seen so many bad W3 Total Cache installations…

    • Nope. Earlier I used WP Super Cache but many times WP SC returned no-cache or wrong HTTP headers.
      W3 Total Cache is great if You can configure nginx/web server for rewrite.
      Often W3 Total Cache generate too many rules for nginx. On my server I have 2 configuration – standard for W3TC, and complex (not work for all WordPress instances).
      I think problem with W3 Total Cache is too many options in panel admin.

    • I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with W3 TC. Glad someone is getting it to work.

    • Only one important thing: do not turn all features (especially minify)