WP Super Cache Preload Not Working? Here’s a Simple Fix…


WP Super Cache is a decent cache’ing solution for WordPress, but I couldn’t get the preload function to work on a VPS — it wouldn’t even start. What the preload function does is it pre-caches all the posts, tags, and so on, to make everything faster (in short).

The first thing to do is to turn off wp-cron. You’ll need to edit the wp-config.php file on your server and add or change the following:

From your linux terminal, you’ll need to open crontab:

Then you’ll need to add the following to the bottom of the file:

Please change the URL to wherever your wp-cron.php file is. The */10 means that it will be run once every 10 minutes.

Thanks @toszcze!

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  1. WP Super Cache? Now I use W3 Total Cache. In my opinion it is better.

  2. Have you conducted any comparison tests? I’ve seen so many bad W3 Total Cache installations…

  3. Nope. Earlier I used WP Super Cache but many times WP SC returned no-cache or wrong HTTP headers.
    W3 Total Cache is great if You can configure nginx/web server for rewrite.
    Often W3 Total Cache generate too many rules for nginx. On my server I have 2 configuration – standard for W3TC, and complex (not work for all WordPress instances).
    I think problem with W3 Total Cache is too many options in panel admin.

  4. I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with W3 TC. Glad someone is getting it to work.

  5. Only one important thing: do not turn all features (especially minify)

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