Why 2Do Is Federico Viticci’s New Favorite iOS Task Manager →


Federico Viticci:

2Do is easily the most customizable task manager for iOS. It’s a powerful app with dozens of options, and, at least initially, a steep learning curve. This article doesn’t want to be a guide to 2Do, or even a full review. Instead, I wanted to collect the features and details that have convinced me 2Do for iOS is the app for me. I’ve been using 2Do for months and I’m still discovering new aspects of it every day – I can only hope to explain how I use 2Do, not everything it has to offer.

2Do for both iOS and Mac is still on sale. Grab it after reading Federico’s short pout on the subject. Or just go grab it — it has to be at least half decent since he wrote about it at length.

2Do – iOS – Productivity – €14.99 > €7.99
2Do – Mac – Productivity – €49.99 > €24.99

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