Vortex Race 3 — The Keyboard I’ll Probably End Up Buying


I’m currently having another mechanical keyboard phase, looking at the various options out there. I would love a Bluetooth keyboard that I could use with both my Mac and iPad. These are hard to come by and I haven’t found anything if interest, apart from the Matias Laptop Pro. I’m holding off on it because of its substantial height.

The Vortex Race 3 appears to be the only keyboard that fulfills almost all of my requirements. It has lower profile DSA keys, it has a Mac mode and alternative keycaps with the appropriate symbols, and is available with almost any Cherry MX switch that you would want. I’ll probably for the Reds this time around — I used to type on Browns years ago and always wanted something without the tactile bump.

I’m just sad it doesn’t have Bluetooth with support for at least two devices. I’ll hold off for a few more days and evaluate my options.

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