The Day That Don Melton Debugged My CSS and Maciej Stachowiak Solved the Problem


I feel so guilty for wasting Don Melton’s time today. It all started with his post regarding the switch to Nanoc from WordPress. I admit I have been thinking about switching to a static site generator for years now, but I never could justify spending the time to do so. Anyway, I was teasing Don about his CSS in IE problems…

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… and then I off-handedly mentioned this one bug, which I have been having with this theme since iOS 6.

It really was just an off-hand comment — I did not expect him to try to debug it. Boy was I wrong… I did try to casually dissuade him from bothering about it…

Since Don was already looking into it, I decided to make a fresh post which would illustrate that this is still an issue. Shockingly, everything worked correctly! Surprised with the result, and extremely pleased that either my CSS or Safari was now working correctly, I decided to make a funny…

Well, that wasn’t what I expected. Since the CSS displayed correctly without any HTML tags inside the <p class="notatka"></p>, at that moment I assumed that something was definitely wrong with my CSS.

At this point, Don had already spent at least an hour trying to help me out. I really felt bad, so I had no choice but to promise a peace offering.

And then I realised I interrupted his family life too…

A few hours later (technically a few minutes ago, as I write these words), Don returned from his walk and was nice enough to send out a plea for help.

Maciej Stachowiak, the head of fucking WebKit, replied…

I added the property to my CSS, which now looks like this:

Lo and behold, everything now renders correctly on my iPhone!

P.S. Here’s the radar itself.

Today was another example of one of the things that I love the internet for1 — the ability to communicate with people (celebrity or otherwise) from around the world. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that, through a huge error on my side, Don spent more than an hour trying to help me out. I know he’s retired and spends a lot of his time with a bottle of wine in his hand, but still — this is just shocking. Cool… but shocking.

If you know how I might go about ordering a thank you gift for Don and Maciej over the internet, to have it delivered to an address where they can both (separately) pick said gift up (prefereably without me having to know their home addresses), please let me know. Yes, this is a question mainly directed at Don and Maciej — I’m dead serious.

Cheers guys! You really made my day. And fixed the problem! And I feel guilty for dragging you into this. Now, help me send you booze!

  1. Twitter specifically in this case. I do tend to treat is more like the “open web” despite it technically being a closed ecosystem for a while now, but at least they’re not even close to what Facebook is trying to do.

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