The Best Takeaway Samosas/Sambusas in Mahé, Seychelles


The biggest culinary difference between Martinique and Mahé are the many takeaway restaurants on the latter island. While we had to settle for expensive restaurants or our own cooking on our previous trip, the Seychelles (Mahé especially) have many small places with awesome Creole and Indian cuisine.

We naturally haven’t tried all of the takeaway places on the Seychelles, but we have tasted a few. Most of them are more than satisfactory and we especially recommend anything to do with seafood — prawns kebabs, octopus curry, fish curry, etc. The local cuisine is strongly influenced by Indian immigrants, but we only found one place with samosas (sambusas) on their menu — at the airport!

SkyChef Shop is located opposite the entrance to the domestic terminal at Seychelles International Airport (SEZ). It doesn’t look like much, but the lines outside around lunch time are full of locals who want to get something to eat. We decided to go for the samosas — they offer chicken or vegetable. At 4 SCR per samosa, we went ahead and got forty (around 0.28/0.29 USD/EUR).

Why samosas? I have eaten samosas (or rather sambusas, as they’re referred to in the Middle East) for at least thirty years of my life and I absolutely love them. I have yet to find decent ones in Europe, so whenever I see them abroad, I stuff myself full. The ones made and sold by SkyChefs are probably the best I have ever had.

SkyChefs also has many other items on their menu, including regular Creole and Indian cuisine, which you can eat at one of the four tables outside or have it packed to take away. Give it a try — their offer is surprisingly delicious.

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