Micro.blog seems like the only sensible alternative to Twitter and Facebook at the moment. I love that it’s built on open web technologies even if it isn’t yet as frictionless as Twitter. I strongly feel that this is the way to go in the age of closing everything down.

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  1. @moridin I wrote recently that even if it doesn’t succeed in the long run it serves as an excellent blueprint for how services should operate going forward. It’s the first “mass market” implementation of indieweb technologies that does the job of hiding all the messy stuff from users – the way it should be!

  2. @colinwalker That it is. Like I said, it’s not perfect (and I’m sure it will improve over time), but it’s a fantastic start and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for its success.

  3. @colinwalker Oh and please look at the comments under this post — this is the power of the Open Web (WebMention pushed our discussion to my site in a matter of seconds). I really wish everything worked as wonderfully as these technologies.

  4. @moridin I really need to get my webmentions ticking

  5. @JohnPhilpin You’ll need 2 plugins for WordPress to get it working correctly. I still need to style them — have been putting it off.

  6. @moridin thanks – yes – got the two plugins installed on http://www.beyondbridges.net … my challenge is getting it all happening automatically – i also need to take out disqus on that site – an ongoing project – clean – simplify – clean simplify — in all aspects of life –

  7. @JohnPhilpin You can auto-approve most webmentions using the code snippet here but some can still get caught by WPs other spam settings depending on how you’ve got them configured.

  8. @JohnPhilpin Getting rid of Disqus is the easy part! Styling comments might take a while.


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