Spy Photos All but Confirm 2016 MacBook Pro’s OLED Touchpad →


Killian Bell:

These photos, sent into us by an anonymous source who claims to work for one of Apple’s manufacturing partners in China, reveal a new cutout above the MacBook Pro’s keyboard — where the function keys would normally sit — that could house that OLED touchpad.

There are a bunch of reasons why adding an OLED touchpad to the MacBook Pro is a great idea, the main one being the ability to customize those function keys to swap out shortcuts you don’t use for ones you will. You could also add shortcuts for specific apps.

I truly hope this doesn’t mean that I won’t have to start actually looking at what I’m typing — I use the top row a lot.

The four USB-C ports are fine, though I will have to get some sort of adapted for my older portable HDDs.

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