Reader Poll Finds Largest Group of 2016 MacBook Pro Owners Get Half Claimed Battery Life or Worse →


Ben Lovejoy:

A poll of 9to5Mac readers has found that experiences of both battery life and accuracy of estimates with the new MacBook Pro models are very mixed. The largest group – a full third of those taking part – reported that they were seeing no more than half Apple’s claimed battery life, at five hours or less …

A quarter reported 6-7 hours, while only 15% got 8-9 hours, and just 6.7% the full claimed ten hours.

After the 10.12.2 update, I am averaging 5-6 hours (no more than 6), which is a small increase. I am however only using Safari (3-5 tabs open), Ulysses, ImageOptim, and Affinity Photo. The last two programs contribute to no more than 10 minutes of those 5-6 hours.

Considering my light workload, I expected 9-10 hours, easily. Not pleased.

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