Randi Harper and FreeBSD — a Lesson in How Not to Treat Another Person →


Randi Harper:

I had talked to someone from the FreeBSD Foundation earlier on the phone about what was happening. During this same conversation, they actually said “maybe you should be nicer.” Literally. Said. That. To. Me. After this person had witnessed my talk and seen all the shit that had happened in the past year, I was tone policed by the FreeBSD Foundation…

A week later, I received an email from this person threatening to involve the FreeBSD Foundation lawyers…

I cannot even begin to imagine what went through the heads of the people at FreeBSD. Their (and many others) behaviour is completely unacceptable. I see these types of stories every few weeks and I just cannot understand why people would choose to act in this manner. I feel for Randi and anyone else ever placed in similar situations.

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