Quincy Larson: “I’ll Never Bring My Phone on an International Flight Again” →


Quincy Larson:

It’s only a matter of time before downloading the contents of people’s phones becomes a standard procedure for entering every country. This already happens in Canada. And you can bet that countries like China and Russia aren’t far behind (…)

When you travel internationally, you should leave your mobile phone and laptop at home (…)

Is all this inconvenient? Absolutely. But it’s the only sane course of action when you consider the gravity of your data falling into the wrong hands.

If you bother locking your doors at night, you should bother securing your phone’s data during international travel.

At this point in our history, seeing what’s happening in the US, I would definitely not bring my iPhone with me. A cheap, secondary smartphone, which I can configure with what I need after I’ve been let in, would be more than sufficient.

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