Poland Police Forcibly Remove Anti-Nationalist Protesters →


Associated Press:

WARSAW, Poland — Police in Poland used force Saturday to remove a few dozen protesters who tried to block a march in downtown Warsaw by a nationalist organization celebrating its anniversary.

The protesters chanted “Poland, free from fascism!” and sat down in the street as they waited for marchers from the National-Radical Camp to arrive.

The group, supported by Poland’s nationalist government, was celebrating 83 years since its foundation. A few hundred members marched with white-and-red flags, chanting anti-migrant slogans.

Police detained and handcuffed some in the group protesting the march, since they had not obtained authorization for it. The new law regulating public gatherings was introduced by the conservative ruling Law and Justice party. Police also used force on journalists reporting about the event, pushing and even kicking them.

The shit that’s currently going on in our country is completely unacceptable by any standards.

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  1. I’m not a fan of National-Radical Camp but I find this article quite biased and unfair. They weren’t misbehaving – it was the left-wing group who tried to block them, illegally. In my opinion the police were right to remove them from the path of the march.

    • Of course it’s biased – it’s a personal blog not PAP website. That march should never be allowed in the first place – it’s baffling why we (western civilization) repeat the same mistakes we did almost exactly 100 years ago.

    • I meant that the article from the Washington Post was biased. The author of this blog may have any views; I don’t have to agree them but I respect them nevertheless. It’s his blog and he can post whatever he wants.
      The march of course should’ve been allowed. I’m not a big fan of democracy but if we want to have it then freedom of speech should be our main concern. Everybody should be allowed to express his opinion even if for some it’s too harsh or radical.