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Marco Arment:

A lot of indie developers struggle to make sustainable income in the App Store. I’ve experimented with many models over the years, and I’ll be happy to share the results of this change to hopefully be useful to other developers.

I honestly don’t know if this will work long-term, but I think it probably will. If it does, it will solve a lot of problems and let me do quite a bit more, better and faster than before, and truly make the best app for everyone, rather than only 3% of my customers.

It honestly makes me sad that developers are having a harder and harder time supporting themselves from good software. Take Tweetbot as an example — an app I use a few hours every single day — it’s really cheap right now but the value it gives me in return is immense. I would gladly pay much more, but at the same time I realise most wouldn’t.

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  1. Wojtek, solution is quite simple. If you wanna pay, just donate the developer. I respect that you continuously encouraging people to pay more, but honestly every developer has a choice. Despite that, gladly we have also a choice to pick that or another app. I am a type of a person who try to support developers but if someone wants only X.XX$/€ or whatever for his work, it means for me that he calculated that. Partially I agree with you but in opposite I feel that, what you are doing is leading into some digits mendicancy. I understand that you may feel that it is a poor developer, but c’mon. Either the developer is smart and knows how to calculate the pricing or not.

    What is getting common – unfortunately – is a idea of embedding subscription fees into the apps. I am thinking right now not about mobile but the desktop ones. Usually these subscription fees are calculated in such a manner to be a little bit more expensive than a single purchase in a term of 2-3 years. So I am asking, c’mon where is the deal. Doing that, developers literally supporting piracy… especially in growing countries. I pay every single month to Adobe quite a big cash and what I am getting? 2-3 non important updates per year. Is okay? I think not, and still looking for cheaper substitute of the Lightroom.

    Last but not least… people are not will to pay for the apps because, apps are not cheap at all, thats the real fact. I know that from our perspective it may be funny, but right now I’m in Lombok where average salary is around 400 PLN / mth and believe me these people also using smartphones, however its obvious that they won’t pay $9.99 or more for a single app. They won’t also subscribe any app. So yeah, developers will have even harder times…

    • You post some good examples, but I assume most developers cater to Europe and USA. Anyway, perhaps I should worry less about this subject, but quite frankly I just don’t want good software to go away.