Nokia Screwed Up, Again →


Nokia PR:

Nokia today announces that it has initiated a review of strategic options for its Digital Health business, which is part of Nokia Technologies. Digital Health’s business portfolio includes consumer and enterprise products, and it manufactures and sells an ecosystem of hybrid smart watches, scales and digital health devices to consumers and enterprise partners.

This was the photo I posted in reaction to the news that Nokia was buying Withings in April 2016:

If they now kill Nokia Health (formerly Withings), I will have nothing but contempt for the company and all the people behind this decision. That’s my delicate way of putting it. If I wasn’t trying to restrain myself, I’d just call them fucking assholes outright, but I won’t, since that could be interpreted as vulgar.

I’m also using a Withings Body Cardio, which I bought partially due to the Pulse Wave Velocity feature, which was recently pulled. If Nokia kills Nokia Health, will this mean that my scale is now just an expensive paperweight?

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