Microsoft Will Reportedly Release a Surface Studio Monitor In 2020 →


Tom Warren, for The Verge:

Microsoft is reportedly planning to release a monitor-only version of its Surface Studio in 2020. “Microsoft will finally deliver a Surface monitor in the 2020 timeframe,” claims Brad Sams in Beneath A Surface, a new book detailing the history of Microsoft’s Surface efforts. While you might expect a regular PC monitor, in true Surface style it will have its own unique twist. Microsoft will reportedly swap to a modular design, which is something that Surface chief Panos Panay hinted at in an interview with The Verge recently.

Hurry up, and take my money.

Looking at Apple’s hardware decisions over the past few years, I’m already expecting that I won’t be buying the screen they’re planning to introduce with the Mac Pro next year. Seriously, this was my first thought on Apple’s upcoming product, which just goes to show how disappointed I am in their choices. Perhaps they’ll prove me wrong but I’m not holding my breath.

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