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Matt Gemmell - Changer

Matt Gemmell:

Jutland, Denmark: a billionaire industrialist seizes control of a top-secret project that the European Defence Agency calls Destiny, manipulating it for his own ends.

Edinburgh, Scotland: physicist Neil Aldridge’s life is saved by an elite EU special forces team, codenamed KESTREL, drawing him into a race against time to prevent a disaster that will claim millions of lives.

As the chase leads to London, Amsterdam and beyond, Aldridge and his allies must battle a ruthless adversary: a trained killer with an unnatural ability, who seeks to hasten the cataclysm.

With time running out, Aldridge discovers that he and his enemy share an astonishing secret, which may be the key to salvation — or cause death on an unprecedented scale…

I’ve enjoyed many years of reading Matt Gemmell the software developer, but that aspect of his life was put to rest some time ago. Time to start enjoying his life as a writer, and as a sign of support, I will be reading his first book on both my iPad and Kindle.

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