I Want an External GPU for My MacBook, Similar to This One From Razer →


Andrew Cunningham:

The Core will fit “virtually every popular desktop graphics card from AMD and Nvidia,” which should encompass most mainstream cards. The enclosure includes a 500W power supply, and Razer says that cards that consume up to 375W of power will fit—this is enough for dual-GPU monsters like Nvidia’s GeForce GTX Titan Z, cards that require that much power are rare.

While not a completely elegant solution, I would love something like this for my 13″ Retina MacBook Pro – an external GPU which has enough horsepower to render Final Cut Pro X projects. This would allow me to have only one Mac at my home office, instead of a desktop and laptop.

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  1. The only other problem would be excessive heat and fan usage due to CPU madness.
    Sometimes I get a feeling that this aluminium block will just melt and start dripping on the floor.

  2. And I think that’s one way to go, it’s not the ideal way, but having just one machine is appealing or in your case – one thing less. when you want portability & power, you can always throw the bloody box into your car.

    BTW, recent Razor laptops look dope. Do you think you can throw OSX there and make it Razor MBA?

  3. Is it not like FCPX uses CPU to render?