I spent the morning tweaking the design of the site. Instead of targeting the system fonts for various operating systems, I decided to add one font instead — Titillium Web from Google. I’m not a fan of loading external fonts since they increase load times, but this does give me greater control over the look of the site.

I need to finally fix the mobile menu — not happy with the current design. One day…

Chcesz zwrócić mi na coś uwagę lub skomentować? Zapraszam na @morid1n.


  1. Just set Titillium Web as first, and Arial as second font. You can also load this font not from CDN, but from the font file on your server, this will decrease load time. ;)

  2. There are ways to minimise fonts’ impact on load times: https://www.zachleat.com/web/comprehensive-webfonts/

    Also by utilising local storage you can cache fonts and save on transfer :)

    • Too complex at this point in time. I wish someone solved this elegantly.

    • I agree, it’s far from perfect, but it’s mostly due to tools provided by the browsers, so it’s not likely to change overnight.