Apple’s Should Pull Out of China →


John Gruber, on Daring Fireball:

I wish that Apple would provide a definitive list of all types of data that goes through iCloud, showing what is end-to-end encrypted (iMessage and FaceTime?) and what is not. This whole situations reeks to high hell, but I don’t know what Apple could do other than pull out of the Chinese market entirely.

That’s exactly what they should do — pull out of China entirely. End-to-end encryption doesn’t guarantee complete security, since a lot can be obtained from analysing just the metadata.

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  1. @moridin not sure that realy makes much sense if apples aproach to stoping goverments using local laws of the land agaist them then they will need to pull out of basicly every contry in the world (including the US)

  2. @hishnash The problem with China is that they are breaking basic human rights in a rather extreme fashion.

  3. @moridin no arguments to that but pulling out on this is… One could almost use the same logic against the US if you consider healthcare a human right, of not being shot by the police if you are 👨🏿 I would not start drawing lines in this sand.

  4. @hishnash USA has a lot of issues, as do other countries, but I can’t help but feel that Apple is bending over backwards to satisfy the demands of a totalitarian regime.

  5. @moridin if the US changed its laws to be the same ( aka all data on us citizens must not be stored on non US servers and if they extended thier rights access that data ) would call for apple to leave the US?

  6. @hishnash Yes, after exhausting all other ways of pressuring the government to revert those laws.